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Discover the Joy of Dance at SSDC!



Age 3-4 (Pre-School & Pre-K)

A 30 minute class in which our youngest dancers develop coordination, listening skills, rhythm, and freedom of movement via imagery, improvisation, and movement games. Creative Dance gives young movers the tools they need to move confidently in a classroom setting. Students will also begin to learn some basic ballet technique.


Age 5+ (Pre Level-Level 6)

Ballet is the foundation of nearly all forms of Western concert dance. At SSDC, we use a Vaganova-based syllabus that emphasizes using the whole body in every movement. Equal attention is paid to the head, torso, arms, hands, legs, and feet. This philosophy not only builds strength and stamina, and helps protect against injury, but also allows the dancer to move with a greater range of expression. Great ballet technique gives the dancer the safest, most efficient pathway to excellence in the art of dance.



Age 5+ (Pre Level-Level 6)

With its high energy and fast, precise footwork, tap is always a crowd favorite. As dancers develop in their technique, intricate footwork is incorporated with other dance styles including jazz, modern, and African dance. At SSDC, our tappers dancers learn Broadway tap, rhythm tap, hoofing, and even Irish step dancing!


Age 5+ (Pre Level-Level 6)

With roots in both classical and cultural dance forms, jazz dance has many incarnations. From Broadway to concert dance to commercial jazz and jazz funk, this style truly has something for everyone.



Age 7+ (Level 1-Level 6)

Developed in the early 20th century as a rejection to classical ballet, American modern dance holds a special place in the dance lexicon. Offering classes in Graham, Horton, Limon, Taylor, and contemporary release, SSDC's modern dance program is second to none.


Age 13+ (Level 4-Level 6 Only, Ballet Required)

Combining elements of ballet, modern, and jazz, Contemporary Dance can be any fusion of styles that reflects what is happening in the world of dance today. Contemporary movement draws audiences in with impeccable technique, clarity of intention, and authentic artistry and emotion.

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